The Calm before the Storm

I won’t see Michael until Saturday evening, but he keeps reminding me that the kids will be spending the night at their grandparents Sunday evening.  This means we’ll have the house to ourselves and there will be no need for quiet.  He’s been looking lately at implements online and was taunting me with the idea of placing an order with express delivery.  Thankfully, he hasn’t actually done that…or so he’s letting me think anyway.  No, I really don’t think he has, but just the fact that he thought about it had me wondering if I should be looking forward to our time together or if I should be a bit nervous.  His answer?  Both.  How’s that for comforting?

There’s a rule I haven’t been following through on this week.  Okay, well, actually a couple of them.  The first one involves going to bed.  I’m to be in bed by a certain time and I’ve stayed up late three nights in a row now.  The other thing I haven’t been doing is drinking enough water.  This was a rule before, but not one that Michael had really done much about, other than occasionally ask me how much water I’d had and remind me that I need to drink more.  However, after my recent doctor’s visit, and being told by my doctor that it’s even more important for me right now, Michael seems more concerned about it.  The thing of it is, while I know that these are rules and that I should be following them, well, it just doesn’t seem like a big deal.  There is that part of me that says that’s a dangerous way to feel, but it’s how I feel nonetheless. I actually feel rather lackadaisical about the whole thing to be honest with you.

There’s a part of me that wants to break another rule.  I want to post this to my blog and not share it with Michael first, or actually, share it with him at all.  Why?  Well, I do have a little bit of concern that he won’t particularly appreciate my attitude and lack of follow through.  Oh well.  I’m going to email this to him and not worry about it.  Let the chips fall where they may I guess.  I wonder though, is this the calm before the storm?  I don’t really know.  I guess I’ll find out.


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