The Cabin: Part II - Dinner

She stood in the corner as instructed, hair and makeup done, wearing the matching black lace bra and panties, the sheer black dress and the sexy heels.  When she had looked in the mirror after she’d gotten dressed she wondered why she’d even bothered putting the dress on, it was so sheer that you could see her skin and undergarments through it.  Of course that’s precisely why he’d chosen it.  She wondered if she’d be as tall as him in these heels, but she imagined that she would probably still be a bit shorter.  She hoped that he wouldn't keep her waiting long.  She didn't like standing in the corner.  The solitude afforded her the time to both reflect on the spanking she’d already received and to wonder what was coming next. 

She strained to hear him, but all she could hear was some music playing faintly.  She thought it sounded familiar, but couldn’t quite pick out the tune.  Then she heard footsteps.  Her heartbeat quickened and she held her breath.  She heard his voice just outside the door, gentle, but firm “close your eyes, my love.”  She did as she was told and heard him enter the room.  It sounded like he was getting something out of the cabinet, opening a drawer and closing it again.  Then he turned toward her and took in the sight before him.   He smiled and said “very good little one.”  She smiled too, happy that she’d pleased him.  Then he was behind her, his hands spinning her around and holding her tightly as she lost her balance a little.  He waited a moment, making sure her feet were stable underneath her and then he let go and lifted her chin up and told her to open her eyes.   When she opened them she looked right into his eyes, they were so beautiful and so intense.  She was tempted to look away, but she found that she couldn’t.  His eyes seemed to hold hers captive.  They stood like that for a moment and the rest of the room seemed to disappear.  It was as if nothing else existed, as if time stood still.

Then he shifted his gaze to the bed and leaned over to pick something up.  He held it up to her, so that she could see.  It was a collar.  A gasp escaped her lips.  She’d never worn a collar before.  She had a necklace that he sometimes liked her to wear.  No, the truth was, he didn’t just like her to wear it.  There were times when he expected her to wear it and times when he would even place it on her himself.  They both knew what it meant.  Her wedding ring was a symbol that she was his wife, but the necklace, and now she supposed, the collar, were symbols of a different sort.  The collar was beautiful; black leather with lovely silver filigree hearts as well as several silver D rings.  It looked very well made.  He asked her if she liked it.  She told him that it was beautiful.  He instructed her to turn around and hold her hair up for him as he placed the collar around her neck.  He told her that he loved her as he held up the small silver heart lock to show her and then put it through the loop on the back of the collar.  A shiver ran up her spine as she heard it click shut, locking the collar on her.  He spun her back around and kissed her passionately.  Then he stepped back and looked her over.  “Gorgeous” he said and she smiled and wondered if she was blushing.  Then he asked her if she was hungry.  “Yes” she replied.  He took her hand and led her out of the bedroom to the dining room.

The room was beautiful.  The lights were turned down low and the candles were lit.  Music was playing in the background and the table was set beautifully.  She took everything in as he pulled out a chair for her and pushed it back into place as she was seated.  He poured her some wine and said that he’d be back.  She sipped the wine, looked around the room and thought about how much planning he must have put into this weekend.  First there was the cabin, really it was large enough to be considered a house, and everything seemed to be in place.  He had arrived before she had.  He’d put the address into her GPS and told her to pack whatever she needed for a weekend getaway.   She didn’t really know what to expect other than what she perceived to be part expectation and part warning when he’d whispered in her ear “remember who you belong to” and had kissed her passionately.

Dinner was wonderful.  The food was delicious and they’d gotten a chance to talk.  She started to get up and help him clear the dishes, but she stopped when she saw the look he was giving her.  She quickly sat back down and watched as a smile appeared on his face.  “I’ll be right back my love” he said as he cleared off the dishes and went into the kitchen.  When he returned he had a plate of chocolate covered strawberries in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other.  He set them on the table, turned up the music and asked her if she wanted to dance.  Surprised by this request, she said yes and the next thing she knew she was being led around the room.  He was full of surprises this evening.  A slow song came on and he pulled her close.  She looked up into his eyes and the feeling exchanged between them was electric.  They kissed; his one hand on the back of her head, holding her lips to his, his tongue exploring her mouth, his other hand on the small of her back.  He led her to the table and pulled out a chair, sat down and pulled her onto his lap.  As he poured them both some champagne she smiled and asked him if he was going to feed her a strawberry.  “But of course” he replied with a smirk on his face “and I’ll feed you something else later.”  He’d caught her off guard with that remark and she didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.  But he’d caught the look of surprise on her face and smiled broadly.  He liked to keep her off guard.  They toasted to each other and to having a wonderful weekend together and sipped champagne and fed each other strawberries.

When they were through with dessert they got up and he pulled the chair out, away from the table.  Then he came over to her and pulled her dress off.  She felt exposed in just her lace bra and panties here in the dining room.  He told her to sit on the chair, backwards, her legs straddling the seat.  She looked surprised and hesitated.  He pulled her close, held her firmly and whispered in her ear “Who do you belong to?”  “You Sir,” she managed.  “Yes, and it would be good for you to remember that,” he said.  When he released his grip on her she was quick to sit on the chair as he’d instructed.  “Very good,” he said “but not quite right.  I want you bent forward more, your bottom hanging off the seat of the chair more.”  She did as he requested, now feeling quite vulnerable.

He left her there, facing away from him, as he cleared the table again and cleaned up in the kitchen.  When he came back into the dining room she felt him move close to her and then she felt the sudden smack of something on her bottom.  First one cheek and then the other, he spanked her swiftly.  She tried not to squirm around in the chair too much, but found it impossible not to.  He enjoyed the view, enjoyed watching her squirm, but he wouldn’t let her get away with too much.  He started hitting harder and she sucked her bottom up onto the seat of the chair, trying to get away from him.  He surprised her by abruptly leaving the room.  At first she was alarmed, not sure where he was going, what he was doing or what to expect next, but soon she started to relax, just glad that he had stopped spanking her.  She turned and looked around and saw a large rubber spatula sitting on the table.  So that’s what he’d been spanking her with!

She started getting restless.  He’d been gone for a few minutes.  He hadn’t given her any instructions before leaving the room, hadn't said anything to her in fact, but she decided that she’d better stay put.  He seemed to be enjoying himself, but it was also quite clear that he was in charge and that he expected her to follow his orders.  And he certainly was keeping her on her toes too.  She wondered what he had planned next.  Was he done spanking her for tonight?  Would they move onto something more sensual?

He came back into the room and she felt him behind her.  And then everything was dark.  He’d placed a blindfold over her eyes.  She couldn’t see a thing.  He helped her up and she started to speak, but he silenced her, putting a finger on her lips.  “No,” he said “no more words from you unless I say otherwise.  Do you understand?”  She nodded her head.  “Good.  Do you remember your safeword?”  She nodded again.  “Tell me.”  She told him.  “Very good.  If you need to use it, I expect you to do so, otherwise I only want to hear sounds from you, no words.  Am I clear?”  Again she nodded and he smiled, not that she could see him.  He was quite pleased with her tonight and was curious how she would do with what he had planned next.  He led her from the room.  She wondered where they were going, where he was taking her.   She imagined they were probably going back to the bedroom, but then why had he blindfolded her?

She heard him open a door and he helped her step through.  She was alarmed to feel the cool night air on her skin.  She stopped walking and started to pull away from him.  “Do you trust me little one?” he asked her.  She just stood there for a moment and didn’t answer.  He repeated the question, a little more firmly, a little more insistently.  While part of her wanted to grab the blindfold off and bolt back into the cabin, she considered his question.  He was asking a lot of her, she felt so vulnerable, so exposed.  Yes, they were back off the road a bit and the cabin was surrounded by trees, there was little likelihood that anyone would see her.  But still, here she was, standing outside in just her bra and panties and heels with a collar and a blindfold on, unable to see a thing, her bottom warm and pink.  He was patient with her and waited for her answer.  She nodded her head slowly and he said “Good”, kissed her and then started walking again, leading her away from the cabin.

***Just to be clear, this was fictitious, a work of fiction, not fact,
but in fact, a figment of the imagination.***


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