Save the Drama for Your Mama

Drama really isn’t my thing, whether it’s family or friends, online or offline.  So, when others around me seem to be getting caught up in some kind of drama I often take a step back from the situation.  Oh, I might offer up my viewpoint or opinion, but then I generally leave it at that.  It’s not often that I feel the need to argue my point or defend myself.  Personally I think that healthy boundaries are an important part of life and I'd rather not become embroiled in drama.

I value the relationships in my life.  Of course there are people whom I'm closer with than others, often either because I’ve had the chance to get to know them a bit better or because we seem to have more in common.  I tend to gravitate toward people who are open-minded and think for themselves.  I like to discuss and even perhaps debate things a bit sometimes.  I enjoy a certain give and take in a relationship.  I don’t mind it when my views are challenged or when I’m forced to think out of the box.  Actually, I often find that I grow from such experiences.   Sometimes I do find myself swayed to a different viewpoint and other times someone may find that they’re swayed to mine.  I like to take in different opinions, differing views and then make up my own mind.  Sometimes this means that I end up agreeing to disagree with someone.

We all need the support of others sometimes and find it comforting to have someone agree with us.  However, when someone disagrees with me I don’t generally take it as a personal attack.  I also don’t assume to know someone’s motives.  I try to give my friends and family the benefit of the doubt and I hope they’ll do the same.   There are plenty of truly upsetting things in life, so I try not to make mountains out of molehills either.  I’m not perfect, so at times I do get upset about something when it really didn’t warrant it or I end up being more upset than I really should be about something.  But, it’s something I try to avoid.  There have been so many times in family situations, in dealing with friends, certainly on facebook and twitter, and yes, even in blogland, that I’ve just had to shake my head in wonder, or perhaps even in disbelief.  Things can get so blown out of proportion so quickly.  I’m sure there have been times when someone has been watching me and shaking their head too.  The Big Guy upstairs has many times I’m sure.


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