Bent over the end of the bed, pj bottoms pulled down, ordered not to move.   First, the sound of a drawer being opened and then the sound of the cap of a bottle as it’s popped open.  His finger on her anus, cool and slippery, pushing its way in.  She grasps the blanket, trying not to squirm.  His hand presses firmly on the small of her back as he works his finger slowly in and out until he’s satisfied that it’s time for something bigger.   Then the plug is pressing against her opening, it slips in easily.

On her knees on the floor before him, her hands on his thighs, he aims his manhood at her mouth, his hand on the back of her head.  In and out, he has his way with her mouth.  She tries not to gag, but can’t help herself at times.  Often she pulls away, to swallow and take a big breath of air.  He decides it’s too often, he’s had enough.  He pushes back into her mouth and fills it.  He doesn’t move and holds her head so that she can’t pull away.  She struggles at first, starting to panic a little.  But he doesn’t relent and soon she starts to settle down.  He smiles, pleased, and pulls back out.

He pulls her up by her hair and envelops her mouth with his as he backs her up toward the bed, kissing her passionately.  He pushes her onto the bed on her back and folds her legs up.  Her bottom hangs over the edge and he places her hands on the backs of her thighs so that she has to hold herself in place.  He enters her quickly, roughly, fully, his body pressing against her and against the plug.  In and out he moves, and then his fingers find her nipples.  He grips them tightly, tugging and pulling at them as he continues his rhythm.   She's brought to the edge and beyond.  He pulls out and pushes her up onto the bed further, mounting her and quickly finding his rhythm again.  Before long she's close to the edge again and he's right there with her.  They ride the last waves together and crash onto the shore.  He lies down next to her and pulls her to him, whispering the question in her ear “Who do you belong to?”  Breathlessly she answers “You, Sir.”  He kisses her deeply and when his lips release hers, a sigh escapes.  She is content.

In case you're wondering, no, this will not be added to my fiction section.  If you read my post yesterday I mentioned a D/s session Sunday morning...this was it.  What a way to start off the week!  : )


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