Asking for what you need

Michael got home from work and was in the shower.  I was feeling feisty.  I knew I was going to push his buttons unless he helped me adjust my attitude.  I also knew that he’d had a long day on little sleep and so poking the bear wasn't something that was going to go over well.  So, when he came into the bedroom to get dressed after his shower I handed him two things, the television remote and the wooden spoon.  He looked surprised, but didn’t hesitate.  I’d already taken off my pants and sweatshirt, so I stood before him wearing a t-shirt and bra, panties and socks.  He sat on the bed, told me take my panties off and then motioned for me to get into position over his knee.

He talked to me first, about his expectations, about our roles, etc.  And then he started in with the spoon.  I kicked my feet up a couple of times and found out in a hurry that wasn’t acceptable.  Let me tell you, being swatted on the thighs really stings!  I thought he was done when he had me get up, but he wasn’t.  He had me bend over the end of the bed and he got the rod out and gave me several swats with that.  Then he had me kneel on the floor in front of him, my hands behind my back and he talked to me some more.  Well, that’s not exactly true; actually he asked me questions regarding my behavior, his expectations, etc.  I answered all of his questions to his satisfaction and then he told me that he didn’t want to have to repeat himself.  He said that if he told me to do something I needed to do it and if he told me to stop doing something then I needed to stop, and if he did have to tell me something twice he’d be using the hairbrush later.  Let me tell you, that statement got my attention.  The wooden hairbrush is only used for discipline, with NO warm up.  No thank you! 

Then he told me to get dressed.  We needed to leave.   We were taking the kids to a concert.  They were hanging out downstairs, watching some television and having a snack while we were upstairs.  Sometimes it can be hard to fit this sort of activity in with kids around, but we usually manage to figure it out.

If you're wondering if this quick session helped or not, well actually, yes it did.  I managed not to poke the bear, push his buttons, or act out at all.  Mission accomplished.  I was curious though; would it have some staying power?  We were getting together with some friends the next day and the wife and I, well, let’s just say that we’re often not exactly on our best behavior together.  But, as it turned out, our get together went smoothly.  We hadn’t seen each other in almost a month, much longer than usual.  The kids played and we visited, catching up with one another over some tasty hors d’oeuvres and some drinks.  Sometimes I think I worry too much.  I mean, really, what did I expect to happen?  Michael did talk to me beforehand, just to set the tone, to make sure I knew what he expected of me.  But really, we just enjoyed ourselves with our friends and had a nice evening together.

The weekend felt short with Michael not home for most of the day on Saturday, but overall it was good.  We had some family time, found some time for each other and caught up with some friends.  Hopefully the week will fly by and next weekend will be here before we know it.  Honestly, I’d be tempted to hibernate for the winter if I could.  But, I suppose I’d miss out on a lot if I was hibernating…like the cold and snow and wind and…okay, I wouldn’t really hibernate for the winter.  However, a trip to a warm and sunny destination sounds fabulous about now.  I’m envisioning the beach, sand between my toes, surf crashing on the shore, a nice ocean breeze, perhaps a drink with a little umbrella in it…sigh.  Don’t be too jealous, I’m only visiting in my dreams, no such getaway in my near future.  Dreams are good though, they can put a smile on your face on an otherwise cold, grey winter's day.  ; )


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