Abdicating the Throne & Accepting the New World Order

I thought I’d done that already actually.  But, I guess when it’s a peaceful take-over, things happen in stages.  It’s a bit different than just beheading the current leader and forcibly taking the throne. 

In truth, I wouldn’t say that I ever ruled over Michael exactly.  I think we sat upon separate thrones and divided up our kingdom, each ruling over separate areas.  The trouble with this was that we both felt entitled to rule over some of the same areas.  And sometimes areas under my rule would need to cooperate with areas under his rule and vice versa.  That’s when the fighting would break out or the stalemate would happen.  And that would threaten the whole kingdom.

When we decided to start doing ttwd, I agreed to abdicate my throne.  I wasn’t being banished from the kingdom.  I simply became the queen to his king.  We’re partners now, united, rather than opposing forces, divided.  I still have rights and responsibilities, but I answer to Michael.  And he has more responsibility now because when all is said and done, it rests upon his shoulders.

It may sound simple, but when two people have been co-rulers at best and adversaries at worst, this is a big transition.  It takes a lot of growth and willingness to change and it takes time for trust to build and the walls that separated the different areas of the kingdom to be torn down.

This week has shown me both how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.  It seems to have affected me more so than him, the recent changes I mean.  I guess that’s okay, it just means that we’re growing at different rates.  Truthfully I think I had fallen behind a bit anyway, so perhaps now I’m caught back up.  Apparently abdicating my throne and accepting this new world order is a process, rather than an event.  It seems there will probably be some jousting matches yet, perhaps a bit of archery.  I don’t think there will be any goblets filled with poison though and I don’t foresee any beheadings in our future, thankfully.


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