Waxing Poetic: Missing You

I long...
to see your face
to feel your embrace
to gaze into your eyes
to see your smile
to just be together for awhile

I  miss...
your rough hands on my smooth skin
the way you remove the clothes I’m in
            the feel of your lips
your body pressed against mine
the way we lose track of time

I wish you could be here tonight
I wouldn’t put up a fight
You could do whatever you wish
I’d be at your beck and call
And I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all

I can’t wait…
                to hold your hand
                for you to help me understand
                to reconnect
                for you to guide me
    to have you right here beside me

I love…
                the way you love me
                how you set me free
                that you know me so well
                how close we’ve become
                that the two of us are truly becoming one


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