The Homework Assignment

I was chatting with Michael on the phone tonight and being oh so respectful.  I guess that’s how I ended up with what he called “a homework assignment.”  :(

You see, he’s going to be home tomorrow morning.  And he gave me several warnings about how I was talking to him, but, well, I just couldn’t help myself.  I was just in one of those moods.  You know, one of those ones when the smart aleck remarks are out of your mouth before you have a chance to stop them…and then you kind of giggle about them instead of being contrite.

So, he told me that he had a homework assignment for me, something he wants me to do before he’s home in the morning.

Are you wondering what it is?

Ok, I guess I’ll tell you.  He wants me to shave…a certain area…between my legs…completely…he wants it bare.

I sat there with my mouth open.  I keep it trimmed, but I haven’t shaved it bare in…well, a long time.

                You want me to do it tonight?

                Well, you can get up before I’m home in the morning and do it then instead. 
                When will you be home?

                Hard to say.

I guess I’ll just take care of it tonight.  I mean, who knows when he’ll be home in the morning and he was sure to impress upon me the importance of completing this task.  And he already said that we’ll be “talking” about at least one of the D’s tomorrow (disrespect).  And have I mentioned that we’re dropping the kids off at his mom’s and then going Christmas shopping?  And of course we’ll have to bring everything home before we go pick the kids back up.  He didn’t fail to point out to me that it will be just the two of us at home then.  He even mentioned that I’ll have time while shaving to think about what the consequences will be if I don’t get my attitude in check.  I guess I better head for the shower.


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