Christmas Spankings

#1: December 23rd…Michael arrived home late morning and we had a very full and stressful day ahead of us, filled with some last minute shopping, a CAT scan, wrapping and baking/cooking.  As we tried to discuss the day, I grew impatient with him and started getting mouthy.  He wanted to change before we headed out to take care of some things and he asked me if I needed to join him upstairs.


                Mmmmm.  (he didn’t sound very convinced)

                Ok, maybe.

                Uhuh.  (he sounded like he was still waiting for the correct and
                truthful answer)

                Alright, yes, probably, but I don’t want to!

My fate was sealed and up the stairs we went.  He closed the bedroom door and I laid on the bed…on my back.

                Oh, you think so, do you?



He pulled me up and positioned me standing at the side of the bed, bent over, my face buried in the blanket, standing on tip toes.   He pulled my pants and panties down and started with his hand.  He quickly switched to the wooden spoon and after a couple of minutes told me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees…well, elbows and knees actually.  He placed his hand on the small of my back and forced me to arch it down quite low.  Then he started back in with the spoon.  It really stung and before long before I flopped myself down on the bed.  But he just held me in place and continued.  The spoon stung so much because my skin had been a bit chilly to begin with.  When I complained he assured me he’d warm me right up.  Gee, thanks honey!  :(  When he was finished he let me pull my panties and jeans back up and then I just laid on the bed on my tummy while he got changed.  Well, I guess I’ll remember to lay on my back next time because though I’d thought he was finished, apparently he wasn’t!  After he was dressed he pulled out the loopy and started smacking my bottom with it.  Let me tell you, that thing smarts, even over jeans!  When he was finished, he pulled me to him and kissed me, told me that he loved me and said that he wanted to have a good day.  I agreed.

#2: Christmas Eve…this one was brief and to the point.  I told Michael that he didn’t love me.  I hate to admit it, but it’s a really bad habit of mine and has been for a long time.  I don’t really mean it when I say it, and he knows that.  But, he’s determined to help me break the habit.  This spanking took place in the shower…with the bath brush.  Ouch!  He came in while I was showering, grabbed the bath brush, told me in no uncertain terms why I was getting spanked and proceeded to whack my bottom.  Did I say ouch already?  Yeah?  Ok.  I just wanted to be sure.  That thing really stings, especially on a wet bottom.  My bottom still felt warm when I was getting dressed and so I peeked in the mirror.  What I saw was a set of pink cheeks.  *pout*

#3: Well…didn’t happen.  It was supposed to be maintenance, but it was late and we were both exhausted.  We talked about it.  He didn’t want me to think that he’d forgotten.  And we agreed that it could wait.  By the way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that there’s been a change in our maintenance schedule.  It used to be once a day when he was home.  It has now been changed to once each time he’s home.  So, before if he was home Sat & Sun, there would be maintenance on both days.  Now, it will be only once on either Sat or Sun.  Yay!  I feel good about this change.  : )  Mind you, he’s become much more consistent in regard to discipline, so this change in maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not spanked as often.  I just have more control over how often I’m spanked I guess, since it’s determined more by my behavior now.

We had a fabulous Christmas.  Between Sat, Sun & Mon we attended several parties with family and friends, went to church, and enjoyed an amazing concert.  Michael had Fri-Sun off and it was wonderful to have him home for that long.  I miss him today.  He had to get up early and was gone already when I woke up.  I rolled over and wished I could just cuddle up in his arms for a little bit.  Instead I reached for my phone and sent him a text.  It’s not the same thing of course, but it helps.

Even though I slept in late, I’m just plain tired today.  I think it’s the holiday let down.  After all the preparation, stress and constantly being on the go I feel like I could spend the day in bed.  Mind you, I’m not, but I don’t have any lofty goals for the day either.  I plan to check the mail at some point and make some soup.  Yeah, that’s about it.  lol 

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful holiday as well.  : )


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