Christmas Shopping

I feel so much better today!  Michael and I had a great day together yesterday.  He came home, took a shower, we dropped the kids off at my in-laws and headed for retail mania.  lol  We had done hardly any Christmas shopping before this trip and were really hoping to get it done or just about anyway. 

Shopping was a little frustrating at first.  The first place we stopped we thought we’d find quite a few things, but they were out of a lot.  We found a couple of things and moved on to the next stop, where we had the same problem.  While we ended up making more stops than we’d anticipated, we actually made out pretty well.  We found what we were looking for, figured out what to get for those hard to buy for people on our list and came across some pretty good deals in the process.  There were a couple of times when Michael could tell I was feeling a little stressed about the whole thing…worrying about finding what we wanted and how much everything costs and if we’d have enough money, and Christmas being right around the corner, and still needing to ship some stuff (that we hadn’t bought yet), etc.  But, he was quick to reel me in and reassure me.  He has a calm strength that can really comfort me and put me at ease.  I have to say that it could’ve easily been a stressful day filled with tension.  And I think it would’ve been before we started doing ttwd.  But, because we communicated well, made decisions together and I let Michael help me keep those emotions on an even keel when they cropped up, we both had a very nice day. 

Having dinner together after our shopping was done was one of my favorite times during the day.  It wasn’t a fancy dinner or anything, but it was just the two of us enjoying each other’s company.  We sat and talked and ate, in no rush, our shopping done.  I told Michael that it reminded me of when we were in college and he’d come and pick me up and we’d go to the mall and take me out to dinner.  Part of that feeling was probably because we weren’t too far from the college I attended.  But, I think the other part was just that we’d had such a wonderful day.  It was almost like we were dating again.  Mmmm, just thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies.  :)

We have a couple of things left to pick up.  Michael will pick them up next Friday…payday.  Other than that, we’re done.  Well, with the shopping anyway.  Now we need to wrap and ship stuff.  Oh, and the Christmas cards I ordered should be here Monday and I’ll need to be all over them so that I can get them mailed.  I imagine some people will receive them after Christmas, but that saying better late than never is true sometimes, yes?  I’m not stressing over it.

I guess the only downside of the day was that we didn’t manage to have any time to ourselves at home.  My in-laws were at the house with the kids when we got back as it was getting late.  Why didn’t we just have the kids spend the night at their grandparents?  But, we found the time to enjoy ourselves anyway, long after the kids went to bed.  Do you ever sit down on the couch at night and flip through the channels and find nothing on?  And do you then start looking at the movie channels?  And then do you end up getting interested in a good movie that doesn’t go off until much later than you’d planned to be asleep?  Well, I’m guilty and I did it last night.  Well, actually it was worse than usual last night because the movie was on a regular channel so it was longer due to all the commercial breaks.  I turned it on around midnight and it went off at 3am.  We weren’t going to watch the whole thing.  I mean, Michael had been up since 1am and I’d taken some nighttime cold medicine.  But somehow we both ended up staying awake for the whole thing.  We moved into the bedroom for about the last hour or so.  And, well, we started teasing each other a bit during commercial breaks and, well, I bet you can imagine where that lead to once the movie was over.  It was a great ending to a wonderful day!   ;)


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