Butt Plug Girl Rides Solo

The things I get myself into, or should I say, the things I get into me…this was written and occurred last week, Thursday to be exact, just sharing it now.  ; )

So tonight Michael called to say goodnight, as he does every night that he’s away from home.  And he also wanted to let me know that plans for tomorrow had changed a bit from what we’d discussed earlier.  As we talked about how to manage the day and juggle all that we need to get done I started feeling more and more stressed.  To be honest, I really felt like hanging up on him and focusing on anything else, pretending that he hadn’t even called and going about my business.  Instead I was very short with him.  While this was a better option than hanging up on him, needless to say, he was less than thrilled.  He’d say something about it, warning me, and then I’d just shut up.  That wouldn’t last long though and as the conversation continued my attitude got worse.  I was upset, stressed and taking it out on him.  It really wasn’t his fault and finally he’d had enough.

In no uncertain terms he told me that he wanted me to get out the Senior (Senior Butt Plug that is), put it in and leave it in for 15 minutes tonight.  Suddenly my whole demeanor changed.


                You heard me.

                *nervous sigh*  Yes, Sir.

 I would have you text me once it’s in, but I'm getting ready for 
bed now.  Send me an email afterward.  I want to know how you did with it.

He’s never had me do that before, put it in myself.  And actually, it’s been awhile since he’s put it in.  I’m a little nervous.  I asked him if I could at least wait until the kids went to bed and he said yes.  But the kids are getting ready for bed now.  Maybe I should let them stay up late tonight?  No.  I can’t do that.  We have to get up early tomorrow and I still need to get to bed on time myself.  And that would only be prolonging the inevitable, giving myself a chance to get even more nervous about it.  

We actually have two butt plugs.  The Senior is the larger and newer of the two.  Noting my nervousness, and having mercy on me, Michael did concede that I could put the smaller one in…this time.  All at once I felt a little better about the whole thing and yet more nervous because he made it sound like he’ll be asking this of me again.  Asking me?  Hmmm…no, not really.  It wasn’t exactly a request.

The thing is, I don’t know what to think about the whole thing, how I feel about it.  I mean, I’m a bit skittish when it comes to anal play.  At the same time, it makes me feel very submissive.  He knows that it gets my attention and quickly.  As I said, as soon as he said it, my whole demeanor changed.  Apparently Miss Attitude and Miss Independent are scared off by the mere mention of the Senior.  I’m still mulling over my emotions, how I feel about this…but…the kids are upstairs waiting for me to say a prayer with them and tuck them in.   So, I guess I’d better go get the kids off to bed and then, um…well, I guess I have a task to attend to.


Ok, I’m back.   The task has been completed.  I put the kids to bed, closed the bedroom door tightly, and got out the KY and Little Miss Butt Plug.  I laid on the bed and got down to business.  Actually Little Miss went in quite easily.  I’m so thankful that Michael didn’t make me use the Senior.  I put my pj bottoms on, went downstairs, put the television on and tried to get comfortable on the couch.  For about the first 10 minutes I think I watched the clock more than the tv.  But then I must have relaxed or something because I stopped watching the time so intently.  Oh, I could certainly tell that the Little Miss was present and accounted for, but I wasn’t as uncomfortable anymore and it certainly wasn’t painful.  I actually ended up leaving it in longer than 15 minutes.  I was watching a show and not watching the clock anymore and so I ended up waiting until the commercial break to get up.  And then I decided that I would go ahead and email Michael while I had it in.  I thought he might like that.  So by the time I went into the bathroom and took Little Miss out, I’d actually had it in for about 25 minutes.

So, how do I feel about the whole thing?  Well, I’d say it had the desired result.  I’m feeling much calmer and much more submissive.  And actually, honestly, it was kind of hot.  I mean, just the fact that he would tell me to do that and I did it.  And I’m happy to know that he’ll be pleased when he reads my email in the morning.  At least I hope he will be anyway.  I apologized for my behavior and told him that I’d completed my task.  I really had been out of line.  Obviously the stress of the holiday season had gotten to me.  Hopefully now tomorrow will go much smoother and we’ll be well on our way to having a wonderful Christmas together.


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