Well, Whattaya Know

Mikki from We’re Making Up For Lost Time gave me a Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks Mikki! 

Are you wondering what on earth a Versatile Blogger Award is?  Yeah, I was too, but hey, it’s an award right, must be good!  lol

Well, basically, I guess what it is, is a way to say, hey, I appreciate your blog and want to share it with others…and I’d like you to do the same for some bloggers whose blogs you happen to enjoy!

There are some rules that come along with receiving a VBA, some guidelines, if you will. 
First, thank the award giver and link back to them on your post.  
       (already took care of that one)
Second, share seven things about yourself.  
       (hmmm, I’m thinking on that one)
Third, pass the award along to fifteen blogs that you enjoy 
reading.  (that shouldn’t be hard)
And fourth, contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about 
the award.

Ok, so, 7 things about myself, huh?  Let’s see…
1.       I don’t have a whole bunch of siblings and I’m not an only child.  I have a younger sister.
2.       I live in the northeast, but there is one other place that I also consider home…Colorado.
3.       I’d rather bake than cook, but I like to share the baked goods with others so that I don’t end up eating them all!
4.       I’m not crafty at all.  I’m craft impaired…handicrafted even!  lol
5.       I like photography and have been eyeing one of those big, expensive SLR cameras for awhile now.
6.       I think about having my own business or a family business sometimes.  I have a few ideas, but it doesn’t seem to be the right time for such a venture.
7.       I can be quite outgoing, and love getting together with family and friends.  But I also find that I need to withdraw sometimes to kind of recharge or process things.  I’ve found that I have to be careful as sometimes people might sense that withdrawal and think that I’m upset about something when that’s not the case at all.

15 blogs that I enjoy…ok, this part is harder actually…not because I don’t have 15 blogs that I enjoy reading, but because I don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt if I leave them out.  So you know, if I don’t list you here, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy your blog!  Ok, so, in no particular order…
1.       Finding Sara - Sara’s blog was one of the first DD blogs I came across and I’ve enjoyed going back through her older posts as well as reading the current ones.
2.       Her Mischief Managed  – I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Susie (and her husband, M or Mischief Manager…you know, I almost typed Mischief Maker, but I guess that would be Susie, lol).  I find that I can relate to a lot of what Susie shares.
3.       Shelter In The Storm – Stormy and Ogre have caught a lot of flack since I’ve been around blogland.  While I think some of the comments have been well intentioned, there have been those who just seem to want to throw stones.  I enjoy Stormy’s writing style.
4.       Diving in with Domestic Discipline is a fairly new blog (I know, like mine’s that old, lol) and I’ve enjoyed reading about Lisa and R.  Welcome to blogland!
5.       Red Booty Woman – come on now, even the title has to make you smile!  I often find something unexpected on Christina’s blog, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I never quite know what I’m going to read about next or how she’ll decide to convey the story. : )
6.       Rogue’s Awakening – It’s very interesting to me to read about Rogue and Jared, their struggles and their successes.  I feel for them when things aren’t going smoothly and rejoice with them when all is well or they’ve turned a corner or whatever.
7.       Blissful Dwelling Place – I haven’t been reading at Elysia’s blog for that long, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read thus far and look forward to taking the time to go back through her older posts sometime as well as reading her new ones.
8.       (D)ee for (D)esire – I’m enjoying getting to know Dee and have been following her relationship with Mitch with interest.   It’s been very interesting to me to read about him stepping up more and how she’s handling that.  Let’s just say, I can relate!  ; )
9.       Husbandly Touch – It’s so interesting to hear Mick’s take on things.  There aren’t many blogs out there written from the HOH’s perspective and I think that’s a valuable thing in this community.  I really need to take the time to read back through his older posts since I’ve enjoyed his current ones so much.
10.   A Loves Z – Ashley and Z are a young couple with a lot on their plates.  I find myself wondering how my own marriage might have been different if we’d started and stayed on this journey a long time ago.  I’m encouraged by how they’re navigating this voyage together.
11.   Blending Lives - How interesting that Chi met D on a site for ttwd.  I look forward to reading more about their journey together!
12.    SpankedArmy Wife: The Blog (a.k.a. Confessions of a Spanked Army Wife) – Jessica posts about a variety of things, sometimes sharing something serious, or telling about what’s going on in her and Matthew’s lives and other times just putting a smile on visitor’s faces.  : )
13.   Trying to Learn, Learning to Try – I’ve really enjoyed reading about Kay and Jay and learning about them and following their journey.  : )
14.   Discipline & Dreams - Sometimes I find myself nodding along when reading Heather’s posts, perhaps with a knowing smile on my face, and other times I find myself cringing, perhaps also quite knowingly, at what she’s gotten herself into and the consequences she’s facing or has faced.
15.  Spanked Farmer’s Wife is a newer blog, with not many posts yet.  But what I’ve read there thus far has been interesting.  Sammi’s life and mine are quite different and I look forward to getting to know more about her, following her DD journey.

Thanks again Mikki for the VBA.  At first the idea of writing this post was a little overwhelming, but it turned out to be fun!  : )


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