Yesterday I found my mind focused on the subject, the concept, of vulnerability.  I headed to google and started my search.  One of the suggestions that came up was this video, entitled The Power of Vulnerability.  It's a presentation by Brene Brown, a storyteller and researcher.  It really spoke to me.  There were some powerful points presented.  I imagine there's at least something, if not many things, that everyone could relate to and I can't imagine anyone not getting anything out of this.

It's about 20 minutes long, which I realize may seem like an eternity to some of you.  At first she gives some background info and I do think it adds to the presentation.  If you have the time and patience, please watch, or listen, to this.  I imagine you'll find it worthwhile, at least I hope so.  I certainly did.

(here's the direct link if for some reason you can't view it above)


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