I was headed out to run some errands with the kids.  We needed to put gas in the van, pick up some greeting cards, and get groceries…nothing out of the ordinary.  My bottom was still tender from my last spanking.  Having to sit on a wooden chair for awhile sure hadn’t lessened my discomfort.   And for whatever reason as I headed out with the kids I felt like everyone could tell that something was different.  That people would somehow know that not only was I a submissive wife, but a spanked one also…a recently and well spanked one, as a matter of fact.  I felt as though it was pretty conspicuous, as if I might as well be wearing a scarlet letter or something.

If you don’t know, The Scarlet Letter is a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  The story takes place in 17th century Boston, a Puritan colony at the time.  An adulterous woman is forced to wear a scarlet colored A to let everyone know what she’s done, what kind of person she is, what sin she had committed.

Well, obviously I wouldn’t be wearing a scarlet A as I’ve not committed adultery, but what about the letters S.S.W. for Submissive Spanked Wife?  Oh dear.  What an awful thought!   But then I shook my head.  Of course no one would know that I was submissive or spanked just because I was headed out of the house with a tender tush.  

SSW, huh?  That was kind of funny.  I thought about Sara’s post...she shared some pics of clothing pieces available with things like HOH or Spank Me on them and I started to giggle.  I could just see it, Michael wearing the iSpank shirt (his favorite from Sara’s post) and me wearing one with SSW on it.  By now I had myself really giggling and I think the kids were wondering if mom had lost it.  ; )

Oh and by the way, no, you're not likely to see us in such apparel.  Nope, I won’t be placing an order anytime soon.  And, no matter what Sara says, these are not fabulous ideas for Christmas gifts!  lol


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