Quiet Domination Techniques

If you've read my last couple of posts, you already know that we’d gone away for a few days for Thanksgiving.  We were staying in a house full of family and friends.  We really had a wonderful time!  The one caveat?  There was a distinct lack of privacy.

Our maintenance schedule right now is daily.  Well, every day that Michael’s home that is…or, more accurately, every day that we’re together.  Well, in a house full of people, there wasn’t going to be any spanking going on.  But, Michael saw the need for some kind of maintenance.  And he’d thought about what he would do if the need for discipline arose as well.  Wow!  I hadn’t even thought about that stuff when getting ready for this trip, but he certainly had. 

For discipline, he was thinking about having me write lines.  I don’t actually know if that would’ve been in place of a spanking, or in addition to one (once we got home).  I decided I didn’t want to ask and let myself think that it would’ve been in place of a spanking.  If not, well, I wished to remain blissfully ignorant.  He’d threatened me with mentioned the idea of writing lines to me before we left home.  I told him that I had no plans to pack a notebook or paper.  He didn’t seem fazed by that at all.  In fact, once on our trip north I had a little bit of an attitude with him and he said to me “I can stop and buy some paper you know.”  Oh, um, well then, “sorry”, and I dropped the attitude. 

As it turns out, though I did disobey him (I wrote about that in yesterday’s post), he didn’t have me write lines.  But he did tell me that we’d discuss it when we got home.  So, no discipline on this trip, thankfully.  But, there was maintenance.  And he decided to use something that wouldn’t have even occurred to me, something I never would have thought of…forced orgasms.  Yup, you read that right.  Oh, I know, I was as surprised as you, believe me!

Are you wondering how forced orgasms could be considered maintenance?  Well, for us, maintenance is a time of reconnecting, of reestablishing roles and/or making sure those roles are maintained.  It’s different than discipline or what some call punishment.  I try to avoid that word myself, punishment that is.  And yes, you can call me Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.

It was morning.  We were lying in bed together.  We’d both just woken up.  He reached his hand under my pj top and started playing with my nipples.  I started to protest and push his hand away.  He gave me that look…the one that stops me in my tracks.  He told me to put my hands above my head and leave them there.  I pouted and hesitated.  There was that look again and he pinched my nipple harder.  Hmmph!  Up over my head went my hands as he pinched, squeezed and sucked on my nipples.  Then his hand moved further south and he started rubbing.  My hands shot down to stop him.  He just shook his head and took my hands, placing them back in position and holding them firmly in place.  Then he resumed rubbing my nub and the area of growing wetness between my legs.  I tried squeezing my legs together to stop him, but I quickly found out that was frowned upon.  He spread my legs wide and told me to keep them there.  He reminded me that I wasn’t to deny him access, that I was his, all of me, to do with as he pleased.  He kept rubbing and then plunged his finger into my wetness…in and out, first one finger, then two, and then he was rubbing again.  He kept this pattern up as I squirmed, trying to keep quiet, struggling to get my hands free and yet keeping my legs spread for him.  Soon I was on the brink and then beyond.  I thought he would stop, but he didn’t.  I was so sensitive now, especially that little nub.  I asked him to please stop, but he didn’t have any intentions of stopping yet and soon he pushed me over the edge again.  Surely he’d stop now!  But he didn’t.  I was so sensitive by this time that I wasn’t sure how much more I could take and yet he kept on rubbing and plunging his fingers in and out.  Before long I was begging him to stop and I just kept saying please over and over and over again.  He finally stopped, let go of my arms, smiled at me and said “Good morning.” 

I was recovering and wondering where on earth that had come from!  Before I could even ask he told me, “I think that will do nicely for maintenance while we’re here.”  My jaw dropped open, my eyes were wide and he laughed.  I honestly didn’t know what to make of that!  But he was right, the experience had put me in the right frame of mind…him too.  It wasn't just the forced orgasms, but the fact that I had to keep as quiet as possible also.  And since maintenance was supposed to be once a day, guess what?  Yup, you guessed it.  This turned into a daily experience.  Sometimes I was lying on my back, other times he made me get up on my hands and knees.  And sometimes I was still sensitive from the previous day.  My body wasn’t used to this sort of treatment.  It was quite the experience, I’ll tell you that.  Who knew Michael was so creative?  And who knew that he’d take such control over ttwd?  I mean, I know that’s the whole idea, but, well, it was always me bringing ideas to him, not the other way around!  Who is this man anyway?  Oh, I know, he’s my husband…the improved version.  I hope he thinks his wife is improving too.  ; )


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