Intimate Details

If you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you’ve noticed that I sometimes include some intimate details when I describe interaction between Michael and I.  I realize that on the one hand, some may be uncomfortable with this and on the other hand, some wish I’d include more.  I’ve noticed in my own reading that some bloggers keep away from this sort of thing entirely, others include a little here and there and yet others include a lot of intimate details in their descriptions.  And really, I think that everyone should include whatever they feel comfortable including.  Include whatever you feel best conveys what you want to share.  As for me, I’m pretty open really, and yet, there’s a line that I try not to cross. 

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to include some intimate details here and there.  For one thing, I know that at times I’ve appreciated someone else including such information because I’ve learned something from a description of a position or how an implement is used or things like corner time being interspersed, etc.  Sometimes I’ll share what I’ve read with Michael and we get ideas to try ourselves.  Sometimes these ideas work well for us, sometimes we need to adapt them to fit our needs and desires and other times they’re just not a good fit for us at all.  And since we’ve learned and grown from others including such details, I’ve decided to include them sometimes too. 

Another reason I sometimes include such details is that it can help to set the scene and add to the interest of what I’m sharing.  It’s interesting to me to read about how such interactions play out between other couples.  It gives me a little window into their world…not that I want to actually see it, thank you anyway, lol…but it gives me a greater understanding of their dynamic.

Anyway, if you’re put off by a description I’ve given of an interaction; just know that I will sometimes include such info.  On the other hand, if you wish I’d give more detailed descriptions, I can’t promise that either.  I’m just being myself here and writing what I’m comfortable sharing.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far and have found it interesting.  And I hope you’ll stick around because I’ve appreciated your input and enjoyed making new friends.  : )


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