Every Day?! Really???

The kids were at their grandparents. 

Michael was home.  

I was over his knee.

So you know, I’ve decided that we’re going to do this every day that I’m home.

Wait!  What?

You heard me.

But, but, but…you don’t need to do that, really, you don’t! 

Oh, I’m not saying that it’s going to be like this every time.  I just get to have a bit more fun getting my point across today because the kids aren’t home.  And, you had this coming, didn’t you?

*pout* Yes Sir. 

It’s always good to use Sir when laying otk with a bared bottom, just sayin’.

I’m going to see if being spanked every day that I’m home will remind you of what we’re trying to achieve, what I expect from you.  I know that you’re on your own a lot and this should help you get back into that headspace when I’m home.  It might be just a few swats, it might be more, that part is up to you.

Huh?  What do you mean?

I mean, that though of course it’s my discretion how many you get and what implement I use, your actions and attitude will play into my decision.  Now, hold still, you’re not going anywhere.  We’re nowhere near done yet.

I knew I was in trouble.  I’d had a bad attitude and then the kids decided they wanted to go to their grandparents.  I started watching my p’s & q’s, but it was too late.  Upstairs we went and the lecturing began.  This is an area he’s certainly growing in.  I can tell sometimes that he’s not entirely comfortable with it yet, but he’s come a long way.  He tells me why he’s going to spank me, and then he expects me to acknowledge it myself.  That’s hard.  To look him in the eyes and admit what I’ve done wrong, where I’ve fallen short.  *sigh*  Very hard.  But, I did it and I apologized and then he did the unthinkable.  He told me to get the wooden paddle out and present it to him.  He wanted me to ask him for discipline!  What???  No!!!  He didn’t really expect me to do that, did he???   But, I could tell by his tone of voice that he was not kidding.

So, I got up and got the paddle out, but then I hesitated.  I searched his face in desperation, but I didn’t see any wiggle room there.  It took me a few minutes to comply.  I’d look up at his face and then look down at the floor, one minute trying to figure out how on earth I could get out of this and the next minute trying to calm myself so that I could follow through.  He was patient with me, but I knew that he wasn’t going to let me out of it.  After one more look at the floor and a deep breath, I looked up, into his eyes, and asked him to spank me.  I held out the paddle and he took it, a small smile on his face.  He told me that was very good, thanked me and told me to get into position…over his knee with my hands under his leg to keep me from putting them back.  Thankfully he started with his hand, not the paddle, but then he started talking to me again (yeah, that was the conversation above).  Ya know, it’s hard enough to hold still while he spanks, but to carry on a conversation as well?  Sometimes I wonder if I’m even going to remember any of it afterward (the conversation that is), because my attention is so divided at the time.

I’ll just say that my bottom was well spanked, and he did use that paddle, a lot!  A very rosy hue was presented to him as I stood in the corner afterward.  This spanking happened for a couple of reasons really.  It was discipline for my attitude and what he’s calling reconnection.  I’m not quite sure where maintenance falls into the equation now.  Maybe it’s been replaced by these reconnection spankings that he says he’ll be giving me every day that he’s home? 

I get why he’s decided to do this.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a really hard time when he gets home.  For whatever reason, no matter how good I’ve been, I have a tendency to rebel once he’s here.  It’s not some plan I have in mind, it just kind of happens.  I still don’t really understand why.  Michael hopes that this will be kind of like a reset button.  I thought that’s what weekly maintenance was supposed to be, but I have to admit that it doesn’t always work.  Sometimes it's too little, too late.  I don’t know about this new plan, it makes me nervous, but at the same time I’m hopeful that it will help us to achieve the desired result.  And, I know he’s not trying to be harsh with me.  He said that it may just be a few swats, something to get my attention, to keep me on track or set me back on track before it gets to the point that discipline is looming. 

Funny thought…maybe I should print Easy Button on my butt cheeks…a few smacks and we’re good to go?  lol  I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to see how this works.


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