An Old Rule Becomes New Again

I’ve mentioned before that this isn’t our first foray into this lifestyle.  It’s not our first rodeo.  We’ve tried out, played around with, and experimented with D/s and DD before and some things that would probably be classified as BDSM as well.  Recently something happened that brought me back to our first go round with DD. 

Last week I made a clothing purchase.  It wasn’t a large purchase.  In fact, it was only one item of clothing and not expensive at all.  It was something I’d been wanting, but just hadn’t gotten around to buying.  I happened to come across a good price on it and so I bought it.  No big deal, right?  But, when I took it out of the bag at home and went to hang it in the closet I paused before taking the tag off and decided to leave it on.

You see, the last time we ventured into DD territory there was a rule about clothing purchases.  I was to clear any large purchases with him first.  And, whether the purchase was big or small, he wanted to be shown everything before the tags were removed.  He had the final say.  That was fine with me, not a big deal at all. 

Fast forward to my recent clothing purchase…this was the first time that I’d bought any clothing since we started DD again.  Nothing had been said about clothes purchases this time around.  Yes, I did still always talk to him before making a large purchase, clothing or otherwise, but that didn’t really feel like a rule, more like a courtesy.  He didn’t make large purchases without talking to me about them first either.  I did usually have the kids show their new clothes to daddy before the tags came off, but not always.  If he wasn’t home and they wanted to wear something new that he hadn’t seen yet, I’d let them.  And I often left the tags on my clothes until I wore them, but not always and not because I felt the need to show them to him first.  So, at this point, I wasn’t really sure what the expectation was, if there was one, and honestly, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to ask.  But, I left the tag on anyway…for the time being.

Then Sunday morning came and we were getting ready to leave for church.  It was chilly out, so I reached into the coat closet and pulled out my recent purchase, a new jacket.  Michael was standing right there beside me, waiting to grab a jacket himself.  I wasn’t sure what course of action to take.  There wasn’t a rule in place, right?  So why would I show him my purchase and seek his approval?  I hadn’t bothered to tell him that I’d bought the jacket because it wasn’t a large purchase.

After a moment’s hesitation, I pulled the jacket out of the closet, looked at the tag and said something like “oh, I guess I’d better take this off first” and off I went looking for a pair of scissors.  He got his coat and caught up to me just as I was cutting the tag off my jacket.  He remarked that he'd thought the jacket was new.  I wasn’t quite sure how to judge his tone of voice and so I offhandedly said “yeah, I picked it up the other day” as I headed out of the house with the kids. 

I'd seen the look he’d given me though, it was one that I knew well and I couldn’t keep my mind off it on the ride.  So, I turned up the music to drown out our conversation a bit and asked him if I should’ve shown him the jacket before I had cut off the tag.  His answer?  Yes.  A definitive, firm, no questions asked, apparently no discussion needed, yes.  Oh.  I let that sink in for the rest of our ride.  When we got to church the kids went in ahead of us and that gave me a moment to talk to him alone.

Wait, I know that was a rule before, but that was a long time ago!

That’s always been a rule and you know it.

I stammered…

But, I mean, yes, I know it used to be a rule and yes, we’ve always discussed large purchases, but this wasn’t a large purchase, and I…

He interrupted…

Ok, yes, you’re right, we’ve both been lax about it for awhile now, but it is a rule.  And next time you’d better follow it.  I expect to be shown all clothing purchases before the tags are removed.

I couldn’t resist…

Well, actually, you did see it before I took the tag off.

You know what I mean.

*sigh*  Ok.

Okay, what?

He wanted me to acknowledge what the rule was.

After an even bigger sigh and a little pout, I searched his face and then looked into his beautiful blue eyes and gave him the answer he was looking for.

If I purchase any clothing I'll show it to you and get your approval before removing the tag and wearing it.

Thank you. (a smile on his face)

You’re welcome Sir.  (a smile on mine as well)

And then we walked together, hand in hand, into church.


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