He’s been gone a few days and I’ve missed him.  I’ve been wondering all day if he would make it home tonight or not until tomorrow morning and now he’s on his way.  He should be here soon actually. 

I’ve been pretty good all week.  A little attitude that he says he’s going to take care of, but other than that, nada.  So, why am I all out of sorts now that he’s on his way home?  I’m looking forward to seeing him, but these reunions, as often as we have them, can be messy. 

I hate it when I feel like this.  These kind of feelings usually result in me doing or saying something that is going to land me in trouble…not just crossing the line, but leaving it in the dust.  A couple of times when I’ve felt this way I’ve been brave and said to him “just so you know, I’m feeling all out of sorts.”  He knows that means I’m headed down a path that neither of us like, but that I feel unable to keep myself from continuing .  He’s more than willing to redirect me…and yes, that involves warming my bottom.  I admit that it usually helps.  It clears my head, centers me, and helps me get back on track...and reinforces our roles of course.  Spanking is good for stress…the anticipation of spanking not so much, but the after effects I mean.

So, I have a short time to get it together before he gets home.  Part of me thinks that maybe I should have a drink, lol…but I know better…that would probably only send me down that road quicker.

Oh dear…my time is up.  That’s him backing into the driveway now.  Here we go.  *deep breath, fingers crossed*


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