Somewhat Obsessed

So lately it seems like I live, eat and breathe D/s and DD.  Ok, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but it’s on my mind a lot.  I write about it.  I talk to Michael about it.  I search for info on it and read others blogs about it.  I think I may need to take a little step back.

No, I don’t mean that I need to take a step back from this lifestyle, but I need to find a bit more balance.  I imagine my current obsession is due to the fact that this is new…it’s exciting and confusing and I can’t share it with anyone except here online.  It’s interesting to see how others incorporate this into their relationship and it’s nice not to feel alone.

But, what I’m wondering is…were you this way when you first started?  Somewhat obsessed, I mean?  Could it be that I’m actually normal in my abnormality?  lol  If so, did you find balance after awhile, when it wasn’t so new anymore?


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