Sex Furniture

Time for a more light hearted post!

Can I just say that this Tantra Chair looks absolutely delicious?  Don’t you agree?  I’ve had it bookmarked for a while now, every now and then entertaining the thought of purchasing it.  But, it’s kind of pricey and I really don’t have a place to put it.  But, it looks like fun to me…for all sorts of, um, activities.  ; )

The Liberator is similar, but costs less.  But, the issue of where to put it still remains, and well, I’m thinking that it’s going to be a little harder to explain.  It doesn’t exactly look like a nice piece of furniture that could maybe blend into the rest of your home décor.

In looking around online at all sorts of furniture pieces I came across an article about this very thing on Fox News, believe it or not.  (amazing the things you’ll find in a google search!  lol)  I love the last paragraph: The thing is, when it comes to sex furniture, there’s something for everyone. The key is to figure out what you want it to do, how much you want to spend, and how discreet you need or want it to be. Then, let the shopping begin. You’ll never have more fun testing out the goods!  (Block, J. (2011) Sex Furniture to Help Rock Your World, link:  

Edited to add: Apparently even with what should be a direct  link to the article, it only takes you to the Fox News Health page.  So, if you want to take a look at the article and links within it, just click the link I provided and then type Sex Furniture or Sex Furniture to Help Rock Your World (the name of the article) into the search.  HTH and sorry about that!

Truthfully, the idea of an adult “play room” appeals to me…with a good lock on the door, and maybe some sound proofing.  Think of all the possibilities!  *grin*  And you know, it could be very practical…what better place to hide the Christmas presents? 

Sooooo, do you have any special sex furniture?  Have you purchased it or did you make it yourself?  Is there anything you’ve really been wanting, but haven’t bit the bullet and bought or made yet?


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