It’s kind of strange to have a “secret” blog.  I mean, it’s great to have a place to share about such things and make new friends.  But, it’s strange to have something that’s becoming a bigger part of my life and not be able to share it with those close to me, with the exception of Michael.

There’s a friend of mine…a good friend…who I know is into spanking (and she knows I am too) because we’ve talked about it a little.  Ok, we haven’t really discussed it, but we’ve said things here and there, made little comments, mentioned things casually.  Actually, one time we did try to discuss it, but we both ended up being too shy or uncomfortable or whatever to really go there with each other. I asked her something, she asked me something and neither of us really answered the other…kind of comical in retrospect.  Anyway, I’ve thought about bringing up the topic of DD with her.  For all outward appearances she wears the pants in the family (sassy, feisty, sarcastic, bossy, etc.).  But, from what’s been said I know that’s not the case in the bedroom, not all the time at least.  I don’t imagine DD is a part of their relationship.  I think it’s probably more of a sexual pleasure type thing, maybe a stress relief kind of thing, an intimate connection with each other, etc.  And, btw, I'm certainly not saying there’s anything wrong with that.  ; ) 

I can’t imagine ever telling her about my blog, but I just keep thinking that at some point she may notice me becoming more submissive to Michael.  I don't know, maybe he'll continue to let me get away with more when she and I are together?  We do make quite a team she and I!  lol  Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what to say or do if I start getting out of hand and Michael calls me on it in front of her.  I guess I’m just going to have to figure that out when and if that time comes.

So, I’m curious, does anyone in your regular, everyday, offline life know that you practice DD or that there’s spanking in your relationship or maybe they even know about your blog?  If so, what’s that like?  Did it affect your friendship in a positive or negative way?


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