Getting What I Asked For

In my last post I told you that I had requested a spanking.  Can you believe it?  How I got to be that stupid brave, I don’t know.  I could tell that Michael was surprised by my request, especially when I told him that I didn’t want him to go easy on me.  I even warned him that I’d probably try to talk him out of it at some point or try to get him to stop before he really should.  I also mentioned that a lecture might help to get my head in the right place.

So, what happened?  Well, I got what I asked for, that’s for sure!  He lectured me and spanked me with several implements in different positions.   He had even gone out to the garage earlier to whip up a homemade version of a loopy Johnny and tried it out.  Ouch!  *pout*  And he experimented a bit with corner time, which I found myself in more than once, sometimes standing up, and other times sitting on a hard wooden chair.
I was in a very submissive place by the time the night ended.  Michael told me that he was proud of me for asking for what I obviously needed (his words) and he said that I was doing a lot better with some things, like holding my position.  We fell asleep cuddled up with each other, both of us content and exhausted.

I was a little worried about what my bottom was going to look like the next morning.  But, we were both pleasantly surprised to see that there weren’t many marks and the ones that I had weren’t bad.  I think maybe it’s because he kept switching things up, changing positions and implements…that’s my guess anyway.  Regardless, the evening certainly left me with a lasting reminder, a sore tush!  But, emotionally, I feel great.  Since I had started realizing just how bad my attitude had gotten and how awful I was treating him at times, well, I’d been feeling really guilty about it.  I said that I wanted this to feel cleansing, like a new start and it does.  I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who is willing to help me change and grow as he does the same.  Mind you, I’m not so sure that I want him to help me out too often!  ; )


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