Finding our way back

I find myself reflecting on the past few days this morning as I sit here on a sore bottom. 

Last night was intense.  I found myself over the pillows, otk, and standing, bent over, at the end of the bed.   I don’t even know what all he used on me, but there were several implements.  I was just trying to get through it.  (no, he wasn’t being harsh, it was just more than I was expecting…spanking has been a part of our relationship a lot longer than dd has...and it was something I brought up, not him)  He has my complete attention when he’s got me standing with my hands behind my head, legs spread, both nipples in his hands, pulling and twisting.  He knows that if he has something he wants to talk to me about, a point to get across, that’s an excellent time to do it.  And he took full advantage of that last night too. 
So, we talked…no, we talked earlier in the day…last night, he talked and I listened.  I was well spanked and made fully aware that I am his, all of me.  Our roles were laid out, impossible to ignore or deny.  Then we snuggled and fell asleep together.  This morning he was gone by the time I got up so I texted him.  It will probably be a couple of days until I see him again.
This morning I find myself with a new respect for my husband.  Ok, maybe not a new respect exactly, but a new level of respect I guess.  He stepped up and set us back on track.  He worked through things with me, talking with me, listening to me and then took matters into his own hands.  He was firm, but loving, understanding, but unwilling to take any crap.  They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and though this trial we just went through wasn’t going to kill us, I think it has made us stronger. 

I’m feeling much better about things today.  I feel calm and content.  I’m happy that our dd journey will continue and I love my husband more than ever.

Edited to add:  I just want to say that this wasn't discipline or even maintenance really.  It was a time of reconnecting, of reestablishing and reinforcing roles, and a coming back together.  I just wanted to say that lest someone get the wrong impression.  ; )


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