Being Held Accountable

This morning I snapped at my husband.  It was over a little thing, just something that caught me off guard and annoyed me.  It wasn’t something he’d done, but something he had left undone.  He explained and apologized.  Then I realized that I’d snapped at him and I apologized too.  He thanked me, but told me that he’d own his mistakes.  Hmmm…where did that come from?  So, I said thanks, and told him I’ll own my reactions.  His reply?  Fair enough.

I know there are those out there who just can’t wrap their head around how DD works.   What do you mean you get spanked, but he doesn’t?  That’s not fair!  What happens to him if he fails to do something or does something he shouldn't?

Well, the thing I see happening in our relationship is that the more he holds me accountable, the more he holds himself accountable as well.  And honestly, I think he’s a lot harder on himself than he is on me (though I may not always feel that way, like say as my bottom is being turned a lovely shade of red…his words, not mine).  With discipline I get closure.  And with someone to answer to, I get guidance.  While of course he can turn to me for help or advice or whatever, and does at times, as the leader of our family, the head of our household, he’s also kind of out there on his own to a certain extent.  And that’s a lot of pressure and responsibility.  I think I’d rather have the spanking, thanks anyway…just don’t tell him I said that!


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