Nervous, but Excited

So, I’m about to launch this blog.  (I guess if you’re reading this, I’ve already launched it, huh?)  And I’m feeling both excited and nervous.  I’m not sure what I’m nervous about.  Am I nervous that no one will read it?  Or am I nervous that someone will read it?  I’m excited because it’s a new venture and a creative outlet for me. 

I just think better in writing.  Does that make any sense?  Whether it does or not, it’s true.  Basically I process things better by writing about them.  I’ve had a blog before, but the topic was quite different from this one, and that was several years ago.  I’ve written poetry for a long time now.  And I used to keep a journal, but that was when I was younger.  When I’m dealing with something in my life, when something happens, when I’m trying to make sense out of something, I write.

I guess that’s what brings me to this blog.  Michael and I have been on this journey together for a long time now.  We were high school sweethearts.  : )  Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but right now it feels kind of like a new beginning and that’s exciting and maybe a little scary too.

Anyway, at this point, after 18 years of marriage, maybe you’d think we have all the answers.  And yes, I do think we have some, but sometimes I think you just learn more questions to ask.  Truthfully, we’re very much in love.  And yes, we have our challenges.  But, I’d just like to say thanks for joining us on our journey!  : )


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