DD, Children, & the Quest for Quiet Implements

Michael’s implement of choice for maintenance is the mini blind rod.  One of the reasons for that is that it’s quiet (it’s also quite handy, and in plain view with no one the wiser).  With children in the house, all the bedrooms in the same area, no finished basement or other place to really do this sort of activity except our bedroom, well, a quiet implement is important.  (a quiet wife can be harder to achieve actually, but let’s not digress)

For discipline…what others might call punishment or correction…he’s decided to use the wooden paddle…and I have to count.  Neither of which is quiet…especially during the day when there are children roaming about.  So, on Saturday when Michael took me upstairs during the day for maintenance and discipline I was a little concerned.  It’s not something that I want the kids hearing, for several reasons.  But, our youngest was consumed with tv or a video game, I forget which, and our oldest was in the shower...both kids were downstairs.  I was still surprised that Michael wanted to do it then and I was worried about the kids, but when I tried to voice my concerns he shut me down.  He’d already made up his mind, this was happening now.

So, we get done with maintenance and thankfully I only had 4 with the wooden paddle coming for discipline (that time).  But as I finished counting them, I heard a rustling sound.   It was our oldest, in her room…sounded like she was looking for something in her closet.  I froze.  Had she overheard anything?  The sound of the paddle?  Me counting?  Both?  I was mortified.  Michael tried to talk to me and reassure me, but I was far too upset.  After a little while I somehow managed to get my emotions in check and headed downstairs.  I don’t know whether my daughter heard anything or not.  It’s not like I was going to bring it up and I’m sure that if she did hear anything that she has no plans to bring it up either.  What I do know is that I don’t want that happening again.

So, what’s the solution?  I know, I could just not earn any discipline.  That would take care of the problem!  A worthy objective, but not a realistic one I’m afraid, not at this point anyway.  We could reserve discipline for after the kids are in bed.  That would lessen the chance of them hearing us, as long as they’re fast asleep and we put on the tv or something for background noise that is.  Or we could change to a different implement, a quieter one.  I think Michael wants to use something different for discipline than he uses for maintenance, so the mini blind rod is out.  He’s told me that he’d actually prefer to use his hand, but that’s way too loud unfortunately.  I don’t know…do you have any suggestions for us?  What do you do if you have kids at home?  How do you go about your DD life without them hearing?


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