I’ve mentioned previously that Michael is gone a lot and that we’ve often let communication slip when he’s away.  But I’ve noticed we’ve been doing better about that lately.

One of my rules is that I am to text him every morning.  This is to be done soon after I get up, before I’m on to other things.  It’s usually a short text, just to say good morning and tell him that I hope he has a good day or that I miss him or whatever.  And he sends me a text back as soon as possible.  Why is this a rule?  Well, he said it’s because he wants me thinking of him right at the start of my day.  I think he wants to make sure that I remember that even though he’s not here, he’s still the HOH.  I also wonder if he wants to know what time I’m getting up every morning, making sure I’m not sleeping in too late…he hasn’t said that, but I wonder.

I’ve told you that Michael is away from home a lot due to work.   But what I haven’t told you is that I’m a stay at home mom and I homeschool our kids.  This means that I can make my own schedule (working around things like sports, music, etc.).  And I tend to be a night owl.  I’m most certainly not a morning person.  Mind you, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day the kids do school, but it’s better for all of us if we get started at a good time in the morning.  And I know Michael agrees because I actually asked him about it. 

You see, in the past I haven’t really consulted him about stuff like that.  He’s off to work, taking care of what he needs to take care of and I’m at home, taking care of what I need to take care of…the details weren’t really something we talked about much.  But, before we started this school year I told him what time I was thinking would be good for the kids and I to get up and start school and asked him what he thought.  Thankfully he thought it sounded fine.  The thing of it is, after having asked him and receiving his approval, I feel like it’s an expectation.  To be clear, it’s something I want to do anyway, because I feel it’s important.  But, now I wonder, if I was to decide to sleep in one morning, how would he feel about that?  What if it was more than one morning?  What if it became a habit?  This isn’t a rule, but would he use discipline to help me get back on track anyway?  I honestly don’t know and I don't plan to find out.

And then there’s this blog.  It’s certainly a tool for communication.  I talked to him about having a blog, this kind of blog, before I started it.  Well, actually, what I did was, since I had already written a couple of posts, I emailed them to him.  I said that I was thinking about writing a blog, but I wasn’t really sure yet and I wanted to know what he thought.  Since then I’ve emailed him every blog post after writing it, before posting it.  He doesn’t usually say much about what I’ve written, but he has said that he finds it interesting and that he enjoys reading it.  I thought I might feel a little bit funny about emailing them to him, but actually, I haven’t hesitated to send him anything I’ve written so far.  And though I wonder a bit about what he’s really thinking when he reads this stuff, I’m ok with him not saying much.  I’m pretty sure I’ll find out in other ways.  ; )


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