Be Careful What You Blog About

…and be careful what links you provide as well…at least when your husband reads your blog!  We had an interesting day yesterday…yes, an, um, eventful day yesterday.  Michael came home with a present for me.  More about that in a minute (for a hint, check this post out), but first, I want to know who talked about corner time recently?  Because apparently, Michael hasn’t only been reading my blog posts via email (I send them to him before I post them), but he’s also been visiting my blog and clicking on the blog links and reading.  This is not good!  He does not need more ideas!

So, first off, I made the mistake of telling him I was feeling kind of scattered and out of sorts yesterday morning.  His solution?  Upstairs!  It’s time for maintenance!   Wait, what?  He usually does that at night, after the kids are asleep!  But no, upstairs we go and he informs me that I also have a few swats coming for discipline…because of my attitude.  *sigh*  Not good.  And then, as if that wasn’t enough, after he finished with the rod for maintenance and the wooden paddle for discipline, he made me stand in the corner, hands clasped behind my back.  What?  Where did that come from?  He hasn’t done that before!  I don’t remember him even talking about that before.  After a few minutes in the corner he let me get dressed and we went on about our day.

We didn’t end up getting to bed until quite late and I figured we would probably just cuddle and fall asleep together.  Oh, wait, I forgot to mention something.  In the afternoon I was pouting and told him he didn’t love me.  I didn’t mean it of course.  I was just playing around actually.  But, playful or not, that earned me another 5 with the wooden paddle.  Well, we went to bed so late that I’d really kind of forgotten about it, but he hadn’t.  :(  He decided that he wanted to warm me up with the rod first (he seems to be experimenting…trying to decide if discipline is best served on a pre-warmed bottom or not).  And apparently he had other things on his mind as well because after a short volley he stopped and got out my present, a new toy…a butt plug.  Out came the lube (ky for me thank you…not astroglide…just sayin’) and in went the plug.  And then, the warm up with the rod continued!  Ya know, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to keep me on my toes because I certainly wasn’t expecting him to put the butt plug in or for him to continue with the rod afterward.

After properly warming me up, over his knee I went and he started in with the paddle.  He reminded me that I had to count and I counted the 5 I was due.  Problem was, 5 really hadn’t done much of anything for me, physically or emotionally, and we both knew it.  Since all discipline is at his discretion, back over his knee I went, starting the count at 6 and continuing up to 20.  Discipline was over and I was glad, but then I found myself in the corner again!  Corner time twice in one day…when he’d never used it before!  What was going on?  I asked him about it and he mentioned that he’d read about corner time on someone’s blog and that it made a lot of sense to him.  He also said that it was something I would become well acquainted with if I kept earning discipline.  Oh dear.

The sex afterward was great.  A hot and tender bottom with a butt plug in certainly adds something extra, that’s for sure!  But, more than that, the walls were completely down between us.  Michael is really stepping up and I’m starting to learn not to fight him.  Things are so much better when I relinquish  control.  We’re getting so much closer and that’s great for us as a couple and for our family life as well.


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