Almost Home

Well, not exactly.  But, he should be home tomorrow night.  This has me feeling both happy and a little nervous.  Maintenance is supposed to be once a week.  Will he follow through?  And what about discipline?  I don’t think I’ve done anything to earn any of that on top of maintenance, but I guess I’ll find that out when he gets here.

This will be a short weekend.  He won’t get home until Sat night and he’ll leave early Mon morning.  There have been times when I’ve gotten really upset about things like that.  But when he told me and I felt that first stirring, I made the conscious decision not to let myself get upset.  It is what it is whether I’m upset or not, so why make myself miserable and probably everyone else too in the process?

I find myself wondering…will we get a chance during the day to…enjoy each other's company.  ;)  Or will it be an evening or late night affair?  Then I pause and wonder if it will even happen this weekend.  Will we get the chance, will we make the time for one another, will it be another wonderful coming together like last weekend?  And the “burning” question…just how red and sore will my bottom be?


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