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Fantasy vs. Reality

I don't know about you, but in the scope of ttwd the things I fantasize about are always more extreme than what I'd actually be comfortable with in reality.  In my sometimes rich fantasy life, Daddy would be much more stern and strict with me.  He'd administer longer and more harsh spankings and spank me much more often.  He'd do things like make me wear a butt plug out in public (not that anyone would see it, but we'd both know that I had it in).  He might even dabble in things like giving me an enema or spanking me in a place where there is a chance others could at least catch a glimpse of what was happening if not outright see it.  I realize that to some these things probably sound fairly mild, yet to others they're unthinkable.

While there are some things I fantasize about that I might actually like to try, there are others I'd definitely be uncomfortable with or I know the reality wouldn't turn out anything like the fantasy.  Trying out a fantasy c…

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